Michael Foth~TSM
Michael Foth~TSM

Guess what!? I had plastic ware that magically reproduced in my cupboard. Crazy, right?? The cupboard that, when the kids put dishes away, they ever so carefully shove it in there as fast as possible.  It got to the point where opening the cupboard door was always kind of exciting, because you never knew what was going to come flying out.

I told my wife a few weeks ago I was going to clean it, and she said, "no just wait, I'll do it".  I couldn't take it anymore, so when she was gone running errands on over the weekend I decided to throw away any plastic container that didn't have a lid.  Because apparently that's where the magic cupboard failed to reproduce.  One giant garbage bag of plastic later, it's amazing how much room is in the cupboard.  Maybe now it will start reproducing cookie sheets instead.

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