Every now and then we receive a letter via our new email asking for advice. Michael and I think we give good advice, but to each their own. If you want to write us a letter or email, send them to Mornings@billingsmix.com.

A Billings woman is asking us a very good question that Michael and I were quite passionate about.

Dear Michael and Nikki, 

I love my husband to pieces, but this year he wanted to fill out our ballots together. However, I have differing opinions about what is on the ballot. I ended up filling out the ballot alone because I don’t think it’s necessary to fill them out together. I don’t want to hurt his feelings, which he has many feelings about stuff on the ballot this year. I guess my question is, “do you guys think this is okay to do? I mean we do other stuff alone, why not fill out the ballot alone too?” What are your thoughts on this??  

 Sincerely, Anonymous  

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Nikki: I think its not only fine you filled your ballot out without your hubbie, but it's also celebrated in my eyes! Kudos to you for knowing your rights, for being independent, and using YOUR voice. It is your ballot, not his. 

Michael: I agree with Nikki. Your ballot- your choice. It used to be a very taboo thing to talk politics in social settings, but these days it's like a norm to talk politics. All I know is, I wish we didn't spew our political views all over the place. It's great you filled out your ballot alone. In my house, we all go over the ballot to understand the jargon. But that's different than voting the exact same. 

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