It is the most wonderful time of the year we all know that! Lights, trees, presents, and of course Christmas clothes! I was at a store here in town yesterday and I spotted this lady seriously a mile away. She was head to toe in Christmas gear. Including a Santa hat. I loved it! She was in the ladies section buying... yep you guessed it...more Christmas gear. I wondered at that very moment what her closet must look like. I bet it looks like Christmas lost its cookies all over her hangers. I bet it is epic!

As I was walking by she clearly made me smile, but then I heard another woman say to her "don't you think you are too old, and that you clearly over done it?" What in the actual world?! The Christmas lady was speechless and just stared at her in shock as did I and the kids I nanny. I knew I needed to say something. One because it was so flipping rude and two because I want set a good example for the kids. So I flipped the cart around and told the kids to think of something nice to say to her. We walked over and I made sure I talked loud enough for that Grinch to hear me and told here I love her style and to keep it up. One of the kids (he is 6) said "I like your face it is nice" Point being be nice to one another and keep up the Christmas spirit! Rock those sweaters I say! Be kind to those you come across today and everyday.

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