This makes me so incredibly sad. Billings is a great place to live and grow up but the drug problem here and GOT to be fixed. Not only for the sake of the users health and well being but for their families and people in the community. When you have a drug user in your family, it's no fun. That is usually an estranged relationship that sometimes never gets healing. I honestly am not too sure how to make a dent into solving the issue but I just know there needs to be some sort of resolution.  News report below.

KCTR Newsroom - Billings law enforcement officials say methamphetamine and heroin use are on the rise in Billings. BPD responded to two separate drug-related incidents on Tuesday. According to Lt. Neil Lawrence, there have been 377 total drug charges so far this year, and it’s only the second week of March.

Law enforcement officials and standing drug task forces are all working to combat the problem and keep drugs and dangerous people off the streets. But the courts are overburdened with drug cases. The possible addition of two new judges will lighten the case load, but the ultimate goal is to try to fix the problem. Lawrence said, ultimately, the biggest thing to fix is at the bottom level, to provide help for those doing drugs. He said the community can help those you know who have a problem to find counseling.

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