Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is telling county commissioners that Lake Elmo in Billings needs to be drained following the discovery of an invasive species known as Asian clams.

Yellowstone County Commissioner Denis Pitman shared this note on Facebook Tuesday:

At our board meeting today Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks informed us that Asian Clams were found in Lake Elmo.  Within the next 2 winters they plan on draining the lake to kill the clams!   Will be interesting to see what they find when they drain it!  Has never been drained since it was filled in 1904.


KTVQ-TV's Russ Reisinger followed up with a story late Tuesday night where he reports that the plan is to empty the water either next winter or the following winter.


Pitman says that as far he knows, Lake Elmo has never been drained since it was filled in 1904.


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