Carbon Monoxide Poisonings  

Alright to start off, I’m not saying women are always right, but occasionally we can be. I’m sitting in our cozy house that we just moved into a month ago, and we haven’t needed to turn the heat on until today.  

It’s 52 degrees in Billings as I write this, and about 60 degrees in my casa.  

I turned the heat on for some comfort and bam- it's blowing out cold air. 

 “The pilot light is out,” I said to my guy.  

“Where is the furnace?” He replied.  

“In... the...crawlspace...” I said back.  

So, we lifted up the crawl space door under the staircase and I sent him down with a flashlight. You think I’m going down to the scary crawlspace?? NOPE! You guys know how I feel about basements

Credit: Nikki
Credit: Nikki

“You were right babe!” He bellowed, “The pilot light is out!” 

I knew I was right. He comes back up and tells me it won’t light. We must call our landlords. So, we do that. 

 As I write, I now have a tiny portable heater on my feet, and I’m so grateful to have that little baby. We are waiting for a reply, and will probably need a new furnace. I'm so glad we checked.

I write this story because I was curious about Carbon Monoxide Poisonings in Montana after our furnace troubles today. My findings were scary...

 Montana was Ranked Third in the Country for Carbon Monoxide Poisonings

According to safewise more than 400 Americans die from carbon-monoxide poisoning every year. Montana is pretty high on that list! 

Keep in mind my friends, it’s imperative to know if your CO detector is working and up to date. Sometimes smoke alarms also have co detectors too.  

You must have your furnaces checked yearly. If we are the third state with the most poisonings this is crucial it gets done.  

Here’s some signs to look out for: 

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly, silent killer. You can’t smell it at all when it’s leaking.  

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

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