The Montana Red Cross helped more than 500 people recover from disasters last year making sure families had the food, clothing, and shelter they needed following a house fire or flooding.

For many who are going through a disaster and need assistance, the Duty Officer will be the first voice they will hear when reaching out to Montana Red Cross for help.

These volunteers serve as Red Cross dispatchers, taking calls from the field during disasters such as house fires or floods. Duty officers send a local team out to a disaster, coordinate the response and are a lifeline between the families affected and the Red Cross responders who provide lodging, food, clothing and other support.

Duty officer work can be done at home while sitting around in your pajamas. Volunteers should be comfortable with online work, and all necessary training is provided.

To get more information about becoming a volunteer duty officer with the Montana Red Cross, call 208-493-8778 or email

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