When I get bored, I tend to spend an hour or five scrolling through the popular app TikTok, finding some awesome and sometimes funny videos along the way. For my money though, some of the best TikTok's are about Montana, because I like to see what other people think about my home state. So, on my nightly scroll through the TikTok "For You Page", I stumbled across a video that I can safely say was both hilarious about Montana, and also has some truth to it.

These claims about Montana had me crying of laughter.

The TikTok creator Christian Poole, username "SwellcChrissyP", is from Bozeman, Montana. You may remember him because a while back, he made a TikTok talking about one of our stations in Bozeman, XL Country 100.7. They even had him on their morning show. Poole seems to make tons of videos talking about Montana in some of the funniest ways possible.

WARNING: Adult Language Used in this Video

But it's his video on the "no-go zones" in Montana that really made me cry because of laughter. In the video, he talks to someone interested in traveling across Montana, but gives him some hilarious advice on where not to go. It's funny to me because while some are just gut-busting, some are actually scarily accurate.

"Billings is a war zone with land mines everywhere."

Poole mentions multiple locations in Montana but gives a warning to the tourist about how bad it is. He mentions that if you visit Great Falls, you'll get to experience a POV of getting robbed; or what about his mention of there being a cult trying to recruit members in the whole of Western Montana; but the funniest is about how Virginia City is awesome, but super haunted. How accurate is that? Very. I wrote about the same exact thing not too long ago.

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I think some of Poole's descriptions are really spot-on. If I was a tourist and I saw that video, I might not want to visit. What did you think about the video? Let us know on the app, or on Facebook. Oh, and if you'd like to check out Poole's TikTok or YouTube channels, click on those links.

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