The Moss Mansion has had their Wednesday night Christmas Tree Tours going on since Thanksgiving and they'll be wrapping up the Wednesday after Christmas. I took some family last night and thought I would share a couple of thoughts on the experience.

First off, it's not free. It takes money to keep that place up and this is one of the ways they get it. It costs $15 for adults and $12 for senior citizens and students. The tour isn't guided. You watch a video about P.B. Moss and then they cut you loose and let you wander around on your own and check out the rooms in the house that are open to the public.

If you asked me if it was worth it I would say "Yes...provided you haven't already been there." I know quite a few people who have lived in Billings their entire life who have never toured the mansion. It is definitely worth it to see such a crucial part of Billings history as well as some amazing architecture. Now, if you've already been through the house and just want to see what they've done for Christmas, I would say that the Christmas theme alone might not justify the cost of admission. There are several trees on display which were donated by various local organizations featured throughout the house. At the end of your visit, you are free to cast a vote for your favorite. The trees weren't exactly what I thought they'd be (I was expecting trees that seemed more from that time and style), but they were impressive.

In short: If you haven't been to the Moss Mansion before, now is a great time to go and in my opinion the price is totally justified. If you recently been and are just going for the trees, I'd probably take a pass.

My kid loved it though:

photo by KrisEdwards/Townsquare Media
photo by KrisEdwards/Townsquare Media

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