A Ghost Story in Billings, Montana 

 I was cleaning my house this weekend and was using a broom. After sweeping the dirt and dust bunnies into a tidy pile, I noticed my broom was gone.  

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

I started blaming my spouse, “JOE! Did you take my broom I was just using?” 

“No... I’ve been sitting here (on the couch) the whole time.”  

We both thought it was strange. I was flying around my house here in Billings looking for my dang broom to finish the chore. I walk into my pantry and there was the broom hanging up like I never had it down in the first place.  

Stunned, I yelled to Joe, “IT’S IN THE CLOSET!”  

Joe was also confused because I know I didn’t put the broom in there, he didn’t either.  We look at each other at the same time and said, “The ghost is back!”  

Here’s the back story, Joe and I had a ghost living in our very old, Colorado mountain home that was built in the 1920’s.

Credit: Nikki Vega Colorado Home Built in the 20's
Credit: Nikki Vega
Colorado Home Built in the 20's

The house was quaint, and definitely built for a tall person. One day about a week before me moved to Billings, I threw out my back from moving heavy crap all day. 

 I was using my heating pack filled with rice and soft material. The heating pad is about 5 lbs. I couldn’t find my heating pad, but I looked up at our ceiling fan, and there it lies... on the blade of the fan. See the photo above for reference to the fan blades. How the heck did that get up there?!  

We believe this same prankster of a ghost has latched onto us and we brought him here to our new home in Billings. 

 I swear to God I’m not crazy, and Joe has been there both times to witness the foolery. I also label him as HE because he walked past my window in Colorado. He is tall, wearing overalls, and is about middle-aged. 

 It IS Halloween time; ghosts are out to play. At least he is a funny ghost right...? 

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