I try not to be to much of a negative person and I truly give everyone and most everything the benefit of a doubt. This letter, I should warn, is NOT a letter to Meryl Streep about how terrible she is, about how she's a "nothing" and how she is just a privileged Hollywood person. This letter is also NOT a Trump supported letter, a letter that stands by his actions or supports all of the hate that fills a lot of his followers. With that, here it is:

Dear Meryl,

What an honor to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. You have played so many different characters, in so many different types of movies; So many different parts and in so many different places. I agree, you are probably the best candidate for this honor. I listened to your speech and you delivered it so eloquently. I had myself thinking, "Man, she should give motivational talks!" Truly touching and truly moving. There is however one thing that was missing for me....Honor. When receiving such an award like that, there must be so many people that you have to thank. There must be distinct people in your life from when you were young up until now that helped you get to where you are. Please don't mistake what I just said for privilege. I so believe that each person has the opportunity to make it to where they are through hard work and I don't doubt that you probably made a lot of sacrifices to get to where you are now. And, as somewhere who will never be as famous as you, I love to hear why you are honored and how you got to the point of receiving it.

In just four minutes time you could have talked about your humble beginnings, the places and things and people that placed you in Hollywood. The friends, family and coworkers that have rallied around you all those years. I would love to know what your favorite pieces were. Which films you loved most. Which actors and actresses you love doing movies with.

In just four minutes time you could have inspired a whole entire generation of young people to pursue their dreams. To let them know all the work and time you put in and why it paid off. To let all those young actors and theater players that if they keep working on their craft and they truly love what they do, that they, too, one day could be looking back on a [lifetime] of work that is honorable enough to be honored.

Yes, I know it was your four minutes and you get the freedom of saying whatever you like. However, even in the circumstances of what is going on in the political world, movies and acting are exactly what you said "an escape from our own selves." Watching you talk about our newest President in an indirect way took away the magic of the night. It implied that he himself is why America is the way it is.

I watched so I could escape my "real world" and watch all of the countries most famous and glamorous people all in one place. Instead, I was reminded that there is still hate. And while I do love that you used your power to speak against injustice, I do think actions speak louder than words.

I don't want this to come off as I'm complaining and I do offer my sincerest "congrats" but I just wanted to give my honest opinion about a speech that didn't represent a "Lifetime of Achievement."


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