I think we all knew that when a reality star turned president, the door would be open for big celebrities to participate in the country's biggest popularity contest.  The latest celebrity to get the Presidential Buzz is Oprah.  She's all over my Facebook and people are already voicing their opinions about what kind of POTUS she'd make.

Well, if we are destined to have a celebrity President in 2020, this woman would be my pick.  To be clear, I'm not saying "If we had to have a female celebrity President", or a "TV Star president", I would simply pick this woman among a room full of non-political, well known personalities to go on the ballot.

Why? Well, she's pretty no nonsense.  I think she's the brand of no nonsense that people wanted in the last election, minus the controversy and child like tweets.  I think her years in family court has truly helped her to be blind toward race, gender, age, sexual orientation or whatever.  She seems to simply side with the person on the right side of the law regardless of their background or social standing.

The only problem I see with her is the fact that in 2020 she'll be 77 years old.  She might live to be 100 and still be sharp as a tack, but for most voters, that's a little too old to feel secure.  I wish we could find someone with the same set of values and class as this woman has.

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