Starting today, all U.S. subscribers will see an increase in their Netflix bill (unless you have the super basic plan). The rest of us that have the (current) $9.99/month and $11.99/month plans will see increases of $1 and $2, respectively. So, if you have the $9.99 plan then you'll now pay $10.99 and if you have the $11.99 plan then you'll now pay $13.99. Make sense?

You'll see changes to your bill after October 19th.

I'm totally okay with all this. Here's why:

  • $1 more a month is still a crap ton less money than paying for actual cable
  • Netflix is making a ton of really awesome original series and I'm willing to fork over some extra for that
  • Everything inflates, right?
  • When they raised prices a couple years ago I actually never noticed...
  • Refer to the first bullet point

What's your thoughts?

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