Niall Horan is defending celebrities, especially female artists, that suffer from cyber abuse at the hands of trolls on social media.

In a series of tweets, the 26-year-old asked fans why people can't just appreciate the artists they do enjoy, instead of bashing the ones that they hate. "I see a lot of abuse aimed at artists online," he began. "Why can’t everyone just concentrate on the artists they like and if you don’t have anything nice to say about artists you may not like, well just keep your mouth shut."

Fans then asked if he was talking about dealing with social media hate himself, which he confirmed that he was not. The "Nice To Meet Ya" singer said that he doesn't care about the hate he receives because he has "better things to be worrying about," but what he's seen online has been "shocking."

"I’m not talking about any artist in particular," he continued. "I’m talking about the culture on here of just abusing people because you can. It’s not like you would walk down the street screaming out loud about the people you dislike a small bit."

He then reiterated that it hasn't affected him since he's a private person and does his best to not read things online. "Every now and then I’ll look [online] and I see people just saying awful things, especially to the female artists," the singer said.

"These girls work so hard on their craft and lyrics, dance routines, screen content, marketing, etc.... and then they just get ridiculed by trolls online," he concluded.

Fans have rallied around his positive comments, which opened up a dialogue about hateful social media abuse.

See Horan's series of tweets, below.

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