Big thank you to everyone that was apart of Polar Plunge 2017! The turn out was amazing! I think it is so cool that our men and women in blue back Special Olympics with every event they do. The officers are actually the ones who put on this event every year. Year after year it just gets bigger and better this year was no different that is for sure. I had never done it before so I had no idea what I was in for. When they say "take the plunge" I was just thinking I would jump in and then out. Boy was I was wrong!

Turns out you run for all you are worth and swim out to a fire fighter give them a high five then turn back around and swim back to shore. The way out wasn't too bad because I think your body is in shock! The way back hurt pretty good not going to lie. Plus I didn't wear a lot of clothes so it was extra cold. Leggings and a tank didn't cut it at all. As you can see from my picture the boys I was with did a fantastic job with there outfits. I nearly died when they showed up at Lake Elmo on their bikes dressed in moo moos. Pretty funny to see grown men in night time dresses! The Northwest Drifters did a wonderful job fundraising as well. I believe their grand total was right around $1,100! I can not wait to see what the grand total for the event is. I look forward to doing it again next year. Next time I am making Kris do it too! Big thanks to everyone who made it a success. Job well done!

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