Have you checked out the Pub Station's new ballroom yet? If not you are missing out! It is really impressive. From the size to the sound and lights there is no better place in town to catch live music. I know how much work they have put into building the ballroom. My boyfriend works there and I swear for the past few months I have not seen much of him. The staff there build everything you see. The stage, the sound system, poured concrete, lights, bar, floors and more. Truly impressive. No matter your taste in music The Pub Station will totally meet your musical needs. I love how different the shows are. Truly something for everyone! This month is proof of that. They have a show basically every day! Here are a few things you can look forward to seeing this month.

May 5: Philip H. Arselmo's Superjoint 8pm

May 6: Gregory Alan Isakov 8pm

May 7: Brother's Gow, Dead Larry 8pm

May 9: May Social Music Mixer 8pm

May 12: Sticks and Stoned, Beautiful Existence 8pm

May 13: Engage The Unseen, The Photoshoplifters 8pm

May 14: Everclear 7:30pm

May 18: Summer Cannibals, Woziskee 8pm

May 19: Blistered Earth- The Ultimate Tribute To Metallica 9pm

(Fun fact about them... the recently had their gear stolen at a gig and Metallica heard about it and replaced all of for them! How cool is that!)

May 20: The Two Tracks, Edison 9pm

May 27: Trout Steak Revival 9pm

For more shows check out their Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/thepubstation/


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