OMG, do you have the Christmas spirit yet? Did you go to the Red Lodge Christmas stroll, or the Laurel Festival of Lights parade over the weekend? I did not get to do either of those fun, festive, holiday traditions.

I DID, however, get all my wife's holiday decorations out of the shed.  This sounds like a simple enough process.  But it's not.  Because all summer long the kids pretty much just shove crap randomly into the shed.  The shed is small. There is simply too much junk in there.  ALL of it blocking the dozen or so storage tubs that are stacked in the very back of the shed since last year.

So... I spend most of Sunday cleaning out the shed, getting the tubs and then putting all of the crap back in there. Here's the kicker. The boys were helping me on this little project and they grabbed the unmarked, grey plastic tub that contains all of my outdoor lights and stuff. The tub I had specifically set aside, because I need it.  That box of lights is now shoved back into the shed somewhere.  Where? Your guess is as good as mine.

Next time,


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