Radio Shack announced this week that they will be closing 552 of their stores around the country in order to keep up with the company staying profitable.

Obviously, I immediately thought of the two stores that are here in Billings. Luckily, neither of the stores here in town will be closing! Thank goodness! We've had SO many places close in the last year alone that I can't imagine anymore having to close.

This is just a hunch of mine but I have a feeling with the onset of and their Prime shipping/membership there will be a lot of store fronts that don't stay open. With cheaper prices, more options and quick shipping there is no need to try and find it locally. With that said (and I do love me some Amazon) I still hope everyone tries to shop locally first. Local means actual people's jobs inside a store front, here in town. Let's support that first before we seek it on the internet!

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