Oh, the 4th of July in Montana! Fireworks, barbecues, and the great outdoors—what’s not to love? However, if you are new to Billings, here's something you should know. The Rims and certain parks along the Rims will be closed for the 4th.

As you plan your festivities, remember that the Rims, Zimmerman Park, and Phipps Park will be closed to the public starting bright and early at 5 a.m. on July 4th, right through to the morning of July 5th.

Credit Michael Foth, TSM/Canva
Closed here too. Credit Michael Foth, TSM/Canva

It's a safety issue.

We assume the city does this temporary closure to prevent a few issues... people lighting fireworks off the Rims, people getting intoxicated and falling off the Rims, and the potential for firework-caused fires in the dry grasses along the Rims.

This temporary closure means no vehicles, bikes, or pedestrian access along the Rims. Our friends from the Billings Police Department, Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office, Montana Highway Patrol, Airport Police, and of course, the Billings Fire Department will be out and about, keeping a watchful eye to ensure everyone stays safe.

Credit Michael Foth, TSM/Canva
Nope. Closed here as well. Credit Michael Foth, TSM/Canva

Have fun, stay safe, and celebrate. Just don't do it on the Rims.

We know that the 4th of July is one of the most fun and festive days of the year. This City of Billings/Billings Fire Department said,

We appreciate your patience and understanding in assisting us in reducing the risk of serious incidents that affect the safety of our citizens, property & emergency responders.

So while you’re enjoying your fireworks, sparklers, and family cookouts, remember to celebrate responsibly.

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