It is always a bummer to see stores close up. Especially if it is one you love to shop at. Rue 21 just announced it will be closing nearly 400 stores nation wide. Leaving only about 700 open in 48 states. Here in Montana we have seven Rue 21 stores and three of them will be shutting their doors.

Bozeman, Butte, and Havre will no longer have a Rue. Luckily for us here in Billings ours will stay open in Rimrock Mall. I personally love Rue 21 because they are super affordable and always have great clearance for both men and women. If you hit the sales right you save a ton of money and go home with a lot of stuff for next to nothing.

I checked out their Facebook page after I heard about it and basically the company said it is sad but had to happen. No word on when almost one third of their stores will closing.

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