I am not much of a runner at all. I am more of a fast walker if need be, but I am pretty sure if I was being cashed I would have some wheels under me. This is a whole different spin on doing a run. Like you will want to run for all you are worth! So who wants go with me and hold my hand?!

Welcome to the Run For Your Life, a 5K where you'll face blood, sweat and fears! Choose to register as a zombie or a human participant, and then come join us at North Park for this twilight run where you'll face your fellow competitors and a few other surprises roaming the park with you. Human participants will receive "life" tags that they will try to hold onto during the race, and zombie participants will be faced with trying to avoid the dreaded arrow tags that our hunters will be trying to stick you with. Lose all three of your life tags or get stuck with three arrow tags and you lose! Cross the finish line without losing life or getting tagged and you'll receive your "I survived the Run For My Life!" certificate with your t-shirt!


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