I have a slight addiction to Instagram. I can honestly spend hours on there. While most people who say that that is a waste of time and I can be off adventuring myself, I agree. But, a lot of my adventures here in Billings have been found by searching hashtag 'Billings' and seeing where other people are going! It is a million times better than any Google search you will do on our city or state! People's own photos of their experiences make me want to go to those places and experience the same thing!

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This stunning view


Beautiful shot from the Rims



Brad and The Burger Dive... YUM



Local Theater






Dat beer tasting life tho. 😎🍻


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I just love this... CONGRATS!


It's a BOY! 💙💙💙 #billings #montana #gender #reveal #blue #smoke #bomb #itsaboy #photographer A post shared by Jessica Byrum | Photography (@thejessicabyrum) on


The Beartooth's looking gorgeous



Love the blue glow. #montana #mountains #beartoothmountains #billings #climbing #greatday


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