Montana's Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R-MT) is a SHOT Show regular, and he is one of if not THE best AG in the country right now.

I ran into him at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and he told me- you gotta meet my friends from Skinner Sights in St. Ignatius, Montana.

So what is Skinner Sights all about? We caught up with Skinner Sights owner Andy Larsson at the Daniels Defense booth at the SHOT Show.

Andy Larsson: Skinner Sights is a small company that makes precision, rugged, durable, beautiful- that's one of the things about our sights, they're attractive as well as they don't look like a blister grew on your gun. They're as rugged as the rifle themselves machined from solid steel barstock, and we just make a site that's bulletproof.

Skinner Sights hires people locally in Montana's Mission Valley, but has a customer base all over the world:

Andy Larsson: "Our customers are mostly lever gun market, but we make sights for all different kinds of weapons, different kinds of guns. We also have a sewing shop. We create our own soft goods in house.We have a concealed carry garment bag- you really ought to have one.

Larsson and his wife Sheila say they love being able to run their company out of St. Ignatius, Montana:

Andy Larsson: She (Sheila) says, it's so cool because I can park at the grocery store, walk to the bank, walk to the post office, you know, get all my business done and only have to park one time. So we love that. Traffic jam. And in St. Ignatius, it's like two cars.

Full interview:


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