The weather is starting to change for the better and oh gosh do I have Spring fever! Early this morning I was deleting pictures off my phone because I used all the storage space as many of us do and I came across a handful of beautiful mountain pictures!

I couldn't decide if I was sad because I am not in them camping and fishing or if I was excited to know it won't be long until I am! That is absolutely one of the many wonderful things about our beautiful state. Living in Billings we can go a few hours out of town and be in the heart mother nature.

You know Spring is here when the wild life starts to come around. I actually saw a story just the other day about a guy who was out side of tiny Montana town (can't remember where) but he saw a bear caring a laptop in his mouth! Either he found it or was going to study or maybe check his Facebook! Either way it is a true sign Spring is here and Summer won't be too far behind! The count down is on! The hard part is where to pick to go! I personally a big fan of the Boulder River out side of Big Timber. Great camping, awesome fishing, and the boulder fields! If you have been up that way make sure and put it on your Montana bucket list it is so worth it.

Pretty sure today will be the day I get all the outdoor stuff organized because you never know when the weather will strike just perfect enough to head out of town.

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