This really took me a couple hours to even be able to talk about this. I sat at my desk tears rolling down my face trying to find the right the words, but I couldn't. I still can't. Over the past few years I have lost ones I love to suicide. One very recent that I can not still wrap my head around. It never feels real when it happens. So many questions race in your mind. How could I have helped? What could I have done? Did I see the signs and not know? Questions in my mind that will never be answered.

Each year more than 41,000 people die by suicide. Leaving behind friends and family to navigate the loss. September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Please take a moment and check on the ones you love. Instead of asking what are you doing.... maybe ask how are you. Not many people ask that in conversation. Four simple words can make such a difference. How are you doing?

I am a pretty open book when it comes to my life for the most part, yet there are some things I keep to myself. This is not one of them. It hurts to say goodbye to someone you love. If you know someone who may need help please reach out to them and get them the help they need. Tomorrow is not promised for any of us, but together we can make it happen. They say know the signs, yet sometimes the signs are not there. Be kind to one another. Love each other. Know that you are worth it. You have air your lungs get up and do something with your day! Spread the love ! Give hugs and smiles and enjoy every moment! If someone you know or you your self needs help please reach out to 1-800-273-8255 or text NAMI to 741-741. Remember you are worth it.

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