The only Supermoon of the year will happy on Sunday night December 3rd  as long as the weather works with us and not against us. The Supermoon is bigger and brighter than a typical full moon so that is why they call it the Supermoon. It got it's name back in 1979 by a dude named Richard Nolle who was an astrologer. Supermoon is way easier to say than what NASA calls it... perigean full moon. It means a full moon that occurs near or at the time that the moon is at the closest point  in the orbit around our planet.

They said the moon can be 14% bigger and nearly 30% brighter than when a regular full moon is at its furthest distance from us. The moon will become totally full at about 8:46 am our time and it will hit perigee the next day at about 1:45 am. The moon will be 222,135 miles from the Erath at that point. Usually it is 238,000 miles from us. By the way perigee syzygy is when the moon, sun, and Earth are all in a straight line. Fun fact for ya! Bring on the only Supermooon of the year! The Supermoon is very impressive to say the least. It may not be able to be seen everywhere so I am really hoping we get to see it in all of it's glory!

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