Roundabouts. They are the best invention for traffic control, truly. Unfortunately, not everyone knows exactly how to maneuver them. There are so many here in Billings that I figured there has to be some general rules to using said roundabouts.  These commandments were found etched into stone tablets in the side of the Rims (okay, not really but you get the reference).

1. Thou shalt go into the roundabout when it's their turn

2. Thou shalt not STOP in the middle of the roundabout

3. Thou shalt stay in thy own lane

4. Thou shalt not go LEFT in a roundabout

5. Thou shalt stay off the curbs

6. Thou shalt not go through the middle of the roundabout

7. Thou shalt enter the roundabout in a timely fashion

8. Thou shalt not exit the roundabout from the INSIDE lane

9. Thou shalt ride the roundabout like a merry-go-round... get out

10. Thou shalt follow rules 1-9!

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