River + hot springs

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As the weather warms up and we all start to head back outside for the Spring and Summer I can't help but want to go swimming! I love being in the water and just hanging around in the water all day. Floating, wading, or just laying in the shallow water soaking up sun is the ideal Saturday or Sunday for me and if I'm honest... I haven't found a place here in Billings that does it for me. But, a small road trip to Yellowstone National Park and we can be at the Best Swimming Hole In Montana as voted by Weather.Com.

Boiling River.  There's a small thermal river that flows into the Gardner River and it basically creates a natural hot tub.  AND THE PUBLIC CAN GO! This is like the perfect mix of a swimming hole because if it is later in the evening then you can soak closer to to the warm water... And if it's really hot outside then you can swim closer to the river side!

Road trip time! Have you been to the Boiling River? Do you have a secret swimming hole that is closer to Billings that I need to know about? Let me know below!


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