My wife will send me a video here and there during the day while I'm at work to let me know how things are going with the kiddos.  Simple stuff like what they're doing, how the day has been, if they're going to the store, etc.

Well, I wish somebody was actually filming ME while I was watching the video she sent me on Friday.  I would love to have seen what disgusted looks I was making while I watched my wife describe what our one-year-old had just consumed.

So I watched in horror as she told me about noticing our daughter had something yellow in her mouth.  My wife couldn't figure out what she could be eating.....especially that color.  She remembered they had scrambled eggs for breakfast but that was a good while earlier in the morning - she wouldn't still be eating them at that point of the day.  She started to comb the living room to look for clues.  And after piecing it all together she realized our cat had jumped up on the kitchen counter, helped himself to some leftover scrambled eggs, proceeded to throw them up on the living room know where this is going............and our daughter ate the eggs FROM THE REGURGITATED PILE!

Nasty!  I couldn't help but chuckle just a little bit though.  Of course, I was only able to do that because I wasn't home to actually see it happen.

Does this face look like he's showing any remorse?

Photo: TSM
Photo: TSM

We want to hear some good/funny/scary/unbelievable/horrific parent stories from you.

Did your kids draw on the walls?  Did you forget to pick them up at school?  Do you have any pictures of something crazy they did.  Share with us!

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