You may be wondering 'what the heck is a struggle bun' and how does one wear it? You may have also heard is called a 'top knot.'

My coworker recently said that in the mornings she has little time or care to get ready while trying to get her whole family out the door so she wears the 'struggle bun.' While her hair is wet she makes a little puff in the front of her head with a bobby pin and then pulls the rest back into a messy bun. I always thought it looked super good and her and if I tried it then it would look terrible. However, she swears it takes minutes and that's all. I sometimes do a variation of that called the 'top knot.' I don't wash my hair the next day and throw it up into a bun on the top of my head.

So, for anyone looking to reduce their morning routine, try the 'struggle bun.' haha

You can also try this in a half up half down look!

Here's a tutorial, just in case!

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