Careercast is out with their list of the worst jobs of 2017..... You'll never guess what job made the list:

1.  Newspaper Reporter

2.  Broadcaster

3.  Logger

4.  Military Personnel

5.  Pest Control Worker

6.  Disc Jockey (that would be me... and how dare they!)

7.  Ad Salesperson

8.  Firefighter

9.  Retail Salesperson

10.  Taxi Driver

While this is a professional career website and they have a ton more info than I do about careers and people's happiness, etc.. I decided to do my own list of the worst jobs. Some of these are based on my experience:

1. Retail sales - this I agree with the above.... I could write a book about working retail. A long, long book.

2. Lifeguard - children, bodily fluids... need I say more?

3. Selling knives - yes, I did that once when I was 19.

4. Bridal sales - while this is sort of like retail, it is a whole other level of stress. Some brides are really kind...others, not so much.

5. Middle school teacher - while I've never been a middle school teacher, I was once in middle school and I feel terrible for the poor souls that had to navigate a punch of tweens who were sexually awkward!

6. Beauty anything (hair dresser, make up sales, etc) - They put up with so many complaints, questions and needs that I don't know how most of them do it daily. Like, hi, yah I know I have jet black hair but I want to be a gorgeous blonde when I leave today... Bless their souls.

7. Car sales - People looking for a tricked out, jacked up truck with huge rims that cost $75,000 but have a $2 budget.... They could probably write books, too.

8. Little league coach - while I'm sure it is rewarding and adorable I've heard so many stories about parents getting a little TOO concerned about their child's playing time, etc. Like, they're six-years-old, not Babe Ruth.

What is the worst job you've had?

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