If you know me well then you know I am NOT a runner. Not because I hate it, I just think I'm pretty terrible at it. But I just found out that there is a half marathon and 5k run in Yellowstone National Park and that has me rethinking my loath of running.

I've seen multiple things on Pinterest and online in general for training for a big run and I figure that I could at least train myself to start with a 5K and since I love Yellowstone, I think it's a good motivator!

You might already be a runner and power to you! If not, why not give it a try? Below are some of the basic details as well as a link to the website for all the information and to get registered for the Yellowstone Half Marathon & 5K!


When: June 9 @ 7PM
Where: Yellowstone National Park
Cost: $55 / $60

Half Marathon

When: June 10 @ 7AM
Where: Yellowstone National Park
Cost: $129 / $149

Click HERE for complete schedules and to get registered!

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