It's not every day you hear about a new fruit coming to your produce isle.

But a new variety of apple is coming to stores on December 1st.

And it's called the Cosmic Crisp. WIFR details -

Cosmic Crisp is the first apple ever bred in Washington state, which grows the majority of the United States' apples. It's expected to be a game changer. Already, growers have planted 12 million Cosmic Crisp apple trees, a sign of confidence in the new variety. While only 450,000 40-pound (18-kilogram) boxes will be available for sale this year, that will jump to more than 2 million boxes in 2020 and more than 21 million by 2026.

So what's it look like? According to WIFR -

The apple is called Cosmic Crisp because of the bright yellowish dots on its skin, which look like distant stars.

And they also say this is how it tastes -

It's ultra-crisp, very juicy and has a good balance of sweetness and tartness.

It's supposed to be similar to the favorite honey crisp.

Can't wait for Dec. 1 to try one!


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