While we may be Montana's biggest city, Billings isn't usually known for attracting new residents the way Bozeman or Missoula does. We've even been known to have an inferiority complex about the city, scrambling to find reasons why we should feel good about living here.

But things are changing, too. We have a mayor who's interested in attracting young people to the city, and there was that one time we won Outside's Best Town contest. People are starting to see Billings as a viable option for enjoying the Montana lifestyle, without the pricetags in Bozeman and Missoula.

If you're thinking about moving to Billings, we want to give it to you straight. Here are a few things to think about before you move here:

 The Weather

If you like four seasons, Billings is a great place for experiencing a full spectrum of temperatures and weather conditions. But be prepared for 14-inch snow storms, 100+ degrees in the summer, and the occasional tornado.

 The Animals

Deer. Snakes. Moose. Bears. Mountain lions. The surrounding areas are excellent for hunting. But keep in mind, these animals don't stay in the nearby Beartooth Mountains or along the Yellowstone River. We often find them in our backyards.

 Your Politics

You'll see your fair share of MAGA hats here, as Billings is a reliably red city come election time. We're also home to the film that launched an anti-hate movement. 

 Your Diet

If you're on the keto or paleo diet, your palate (and your stomach) will be pleased when dining out in Billings. Being in the heart of ranch country, Billings cuisine favors heartier fare--like world-championship winning burgers and steaks. And we don't have to go out to eat if we want the farm-to-table experience. We'll either grow it ourselves, or we'll buy our meat and vegetables from a local farm or ranch.

Your Paycheck 

We have a lower unemployment rate than the national average and it's projected we'll have slower job growth over time, too. But anecdotally, people often say there is less competition in Billings for some of the best jobs. And while you might be bringing home less money than you would somewhere else, you won't be paying as much for housing, and you won't be losing money due to sales tax.

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