Dylan Petit is his name and playing guitar is his game.

Dylan was born and raised here in Billings and went to West Highschool. He is 26 and is a husband and father first, musician second.  He first picked up the guitar and took lessons at 8 years-young. “I hated it,” said Dylan.    

Credit: Josh Rath, Townsquare Media
Credit: Josh Rath, Townsquare Media

“Two years later, at about ten years old I picked up a guitar my mom had and never put it down.”  

He taught himself to sing over the years, and practice pretty much does make perfect.

Dylan went on to share with my co-host Michael and I, that he actually tried out for American Idol and The Voice.

American Idol did not work out, but he did eventually make it through a couple rounds for The Voice in Minneapolis. He described the setting as, very stressful. Apparently, these talent competitions are rough. Dylan was put into a group of ten singers and if one person out of the ten went to the next round- you were considered to be great. Him and one other girl in his group went onto the next round, which was crazy to have two people in the same group get moved up in the competition. He made it through a couple more rounds and eventually was told, thanks but no thanks.  

Personally, I think this dude could get famous on his own.

His voice has a wide range and his strumming skills are on point. Dylan’s performance in the Mix 97.1 studio was beautiful. Dylan’s inspiration for the song came when Montana's skies were filled with smoke about two years ago from the Oregon wild fires. It was raining and the combination of petrichor (the smell of rain) and smoke were strangely beautiful. Take a listen below to hear this local Billings musician.  

Credit: Josh Rath, Townsquare Media
Credit: Josh Rath, Townsquare Media

Here is a video of his original song he wrote and performed for us titled, “Smoke and Rain. 

He even obliged me with playing "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. It was magical.

Check out Dylan Petit's sound cloud and social channels. He also plays at Cajun Phatty's every Saturday for his routinely gig, so if you're ever in there on a Saturday during their brunch hours, you'll hear him playing.

 Good luck to Dylan and his future endeavors! Keep going, buddy. You are STELLAR! 

 Full interview below from Wednesday November 2, 2022. 


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