I'd imagine if you want to become a Miss America or a Miss Universe, you have to know a thing or two about branding. You know, how to control your image with the public.

I don't know about her PR skills, but Miss Montana sure knows a thing or two about branding. There she is in the photo above. That's Miss Montana Volunteer Alissa Bohle. She is a 4th generation cattle rancher in Plevna, Montana on the family's Bohle Angus Ranch. Here's what she shared recently on social media.

Alissa Bohle: Throughout my year, I have set a goal to be completely real on my social media and in my every day interactions. This weekend was no exception as my family had our annual branding!🐮
Growing up on a ranch, my agriculture background has played a huge role shaping me into the young woman I am today. Working on my families ranch is something that truly brings me joy.

Alissa tells us she competed in her first pageant at 17 years old. She won the title of Miss Montana Volunteer in July 2021 and has received over $6,575 in scholarships.

Alissa Bohle: I competed for the national title Miss Volunteer America in May and won another $1,500 in scholarships. Total scholarships I have received through pageantry is about $11,000. All of these scholarships will be used towards my degree in Elementary Education which I will be continuing this fall at Montana State University-Northern in Havre.

By the way- for those of you who've watched the Miss Montana pageant in Glendive, Montana over the years, the program is no longer affiliated with the Miss America program. It is now affiliated with the Miss America Volunteer program.

The next pageant will be held July 10-16.

Let's go brandin'!

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