We have most of our Christmas decorations up. Garland everywhere. I put up the majority of my outdoor lights last weekend. We have multiple fake trees every year, because my wife loves decorating for Christmas. Including the Vikings Tree, which is way more awesome than Monday nights disappointing game against the Seahawks. I digress.

I took the white tree out of the box and low and behold, it was missing one of its four little plastic legs. How in the holy heck it didn't get back in the box last January, I have no idea. I thought maybe it would be just fine with three legs. That wishful thinking was immediately apparent when the tree promptly toppled over.

My wife is like, "maybe you can fix it". This was more of a request than a question. Out to the shed I go to salvage a completely different leg from a broken tree from last year. This leg was metal. White tree is plastic. Large amounts of duct tape, a pencil broken into appropriate lengths, some serious metal bending with pliers and... so far the tree with a "new" leg hasn't fallen over. Yet.

Next time,


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