Wondering About Transients and Displaced People in Billings

I don't know if you've ever wondered how and why people are displaced from their homes when we see them carting around their belongings in downtown Billings. I know I do. Like, what happened in your life that lead you to be in this position?

I have so much compassion for these people because I've been homeless before.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The National Point in Time count is coming up next week Thursday in Billings.

The count is organized by the Continuum of Care, and it helps us (Montana Residents and Key Political Figures) get a better understanding of the number of people experiencing homelessness in our community.

We need volunteers to help conduct short surveys with the homeless population.

Purpose: "Volunteers will conduct data collection on the night of the PiT. Volunteers will deploy in teams of two to complete a basic survey with individuals experiencing homelessness. Surveys will be collected at various locations in the community that are visited by people experiencing homelessness. Volunteers will be equipped with care packages to provide as an incentive to people who complete the survey."

Logistics: This year’s PiT Count will take place on Thursday, January 26th from 5:00pm to 12:00am.

"All volunteers will meet in the parking lot of HRDC at 7 N. 31st St. at 4:00pm for a brief orientation before being paired up in teams and receiving assignments for the night. Every effort will be made to pair up a seasoned volunteer with those who are new to the PiT Count and/or those who might need extra help. When possible, volunteer preference will also be considered as assignments are made."

Time Commitment: There is a short online training and survey to complete to be eligible to volunteer. Additionally, an in-person orientation will be scheduled the night of the PiT Count. A minimum of three (3) hours is requested with various shifts available.

Locations: Onsite at HRDC and various shelter locations in Billings | Offsite at pre-determined social service agencies and/or meal sites in the community | Offsite at various outdoor locations in the community, including parks and camps where unhoused neighbors are presently residing

Key Duties:
• Coordinate with CoC staff and other volunteers to accurately collect data
• Completely and accurately fill out surveys with people who are experiencing homelessness
• Provide and manage incentives for people who complete the survey

• Must be over the age of 18
• Participate in an online training session before the night of the PiT Count • Attend an in-person orientation the night of the PiT Count
• Availability the night of January 26, 2023 for a 3+ hour shift
• Accurately and carefully collect data and keep information confidential
Respectfully and conscientiously work with people from a diversity of backgrounds
• Maintain personal safety while collecting data (travel in pairs)
• Manage incentives for people who complete the survey

Credit: PIT Press Release
Credit: PIT Press Release

Please contact Tess Besaw to volunteer 3 hours of your time next week to help with this initiative.

Phone Number: (406)861-0445  Email: MrsBesaw2012@outlook.com 

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