Memorial Day Weekend is forthcoming, and a popular website is giving someone a nice chunk of change to watch old war movies.

There have been these types of opportunities for quite some time now, such as the chance to watch every Marvel or Harry Potter movie but this one seems a bit different.


Still stuck at home? Out of work? Make money on a holiday weekend!

The job is to watch 10 war movies of their choosing, which they say should only take 18 hours and 36 minutes to complete "leaving you PLENTY of time to go out and celebrate Memorial Day with your friends and family."

The person chosen will also receive a US flag, an "I proudly served" sticker, a coupon for fireworks, and the most American meal you can think of complete with Apple Pie.

Some of those movies though are real heavy. Like, you're going to need a minute. Binge-watching war movies is far different from Harry Potter waving a magic wand or Iron Man soaring through the sky.

All you need to do is sign up before May 22 at HomeSnacks, answer a couple of survey questions and if picked, watch all the flicks, write a 1,000-word essay on what you learned and you'll win $1000.

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