You know how they say, "Scars add character"?

Our featured Wet Nose Wednesday Pet of the Week is a sweetheart named Diamond Deb. She's absolutely filled with character and she's got a sweet scar to prove it. Diamond Deb was picked up as a stray by animal control and when she arrived at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, she had a nasty wound on her back that required a number of stitches. The caring staff at YVAS ensured Deb made a swift recovery.

Credit: YVAS, used with permission
Credit: YVAS, used with permission

An 11-month-old Pit Bull Mix.

Boasting a bright white and yellow coat with expressive dark eyes, Diamond Deb was a bit on the shy side as she recovered from her wounds. At first, she refused to leave her kennel to go outside and would shy away from staff. Since her recovery, she's really come out of her shell and nowadays getting out to play and sitting on your lap are two of her favorite things.

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Credit: YVAS, used with permission
Look at that face! Credit: YVAS, used with permission

Stop by and chat with YVAS at South Park this Friday (9/8).

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter will be out and about with their mobile booth on Friday at the Gardener's Market, located on the East side of South Park beginning at 4 p.m. They will be giving out free ID tags, checking if any dogs have microchips, and sharing information on what foods are safe for dogs, and what foods to avoid. There will also be homemade dog treats along with the recipe to make them at home.

Hit the links to see all of the adoptable dogs and adoptable cats currently available at YVAS.

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