There's a story that has surfaced on Facebook and it is basically all of us.

A mom in Australia accidentally packed a Smirnoff Vodka frozen drink into her daughters lunch box. The teacher caught the girl with it and called the mom... That's when the mom realized that she accidentally grabbed that instead of the frozen juice packet.

HAHAHA. This has to be one of the funniest things I have heard in a while! And it's totally relate-able because how many times have we all packed something on accident and didn't realize it. For example, my mom. She always carries this little pocket knife (and I mean little) in her purse. It was given to her by her dad probably 40 years ago. Just last week when they visited she somehow got through security in Seattle but when she went to fly home to Seattle out of Billings, security stopped her. She had completely forgotten about it!

What have you accidentally packed, good or bad?

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