It's football season again! YESSSSS!

Being from Seattle it wasn't hard to find a Seahawks fan. It's probably much harder in Seattle to find someone who isn't a fan! So many traditions, including Blue Friday... My office was always a sea of blue jersey's come Friday (except the one guy who always wore his 49s jersey. YUCK!). Since moving to Billings I have actually been surprised by the number of Seahawks logos I see whether it be license plates, car stickers, flags on houses or shirts. I'm still the only one in my office sporting Seahawks gear but I think I'm wearing on them!

I've been told that this isn't a Seahawks town and that it will be hard for me to find any bars or get together's playing the game. I was pretty sad to hear this so obviously I had to take to the cyber world to find my people! Are you a hawks fan? Last season my husband and I watched almost every game at Buffalo Wild Wings but if there is a bar or place where Seahawks fans are getting together, let me know!



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