The issue of "pigs as pets" has been going on for several months, but as it stands, you can't legally have a pet pig in the city of Billings.

I'm not a pig owner, but I am confused as to why those who do own "pet pigs" within the city limits are being asked to get rid of their pets or move. Can anyone explain why pigs made this list of unwanted animals? To be honest, I've never even been around a pet pig. We had pigs when I was growing up, but we certainly didn't get very attached to them. I'm not sure I would choose a pig or other "exotic creature" as a pet, but I don't see the problem with other people having them.

Perhaps they are capable of some destructive or disturbing behavior that I am unaware of. For now, all I know is there are people here who have grown attached to their pet and that is something I can relate to. If you're going to ask someone to give up an animal that they've cared for, they should be able to give a solid reason.

For those who support this mass relocation of pigs, let me know why. I'm a sucker for valid reasons, so enlighten me.

For the record, the people who have been evicted because their property management doesn't allow pigs is a completely different issue. My confusion is only about the scenario where someone owns their home, or rents property where pigs are acceptable.

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