I'll admit I usually don't prefer watching "reality" dating shows like The Bachelor. I just find it a little far fetched that the gorgeous, talented women on the show have that much trouble finding a date that they must go on a scripted national TV show to find love.  Come on! Any of those girls could walk into any bar in Montana and have dates lined up for a year. Seriously.

That said, I'll be tuning in to The Bachelor for the season premier tonight to cheer on the friendly looking contestant above named Krystal.  Krystal is a 29 year old fitness coach from MONTANA!! Yay! Her bio says Missoula, but I heard she's actually from Stevenville.  Same difference.

Krystal says if she could be any animal she would be a unicorn.  Because, why not? You can read more about her HERE. Bring on the wine, tears and drama tonight on ABC. Hopefully Krystal gets a rose or whatever and makes it past the first round with Arie.

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