Imagine being out on a nice weekend boat cruise with the family only to see a bear swimming in the lake.

Sure, it's probably a common sight, but you don't normally see one with a giant plastic tub on its head.

More than likely, the bear got its head stuck in the tub nosing through the trash and eventually ended up in the water.

The scary part of the video is the bear swimming in Marsh Miller Lake, north of Eau Claire, just over 4 hours from Rockford, while the tub is filling with water.

If enough water filled the tub, the bear could drown, and that's what prompted the family in the video to spring into action.

Caught on video and shared on Reddit, the nearly two-minute video shows a family circling a bear, most likely a baby bear, in an attempt to get this big plastic tub off its head.

It's a stressful watch, so if you wanted, skip to the 1:22 mark to watch some brave dude lean over in his boat and pull the tub off the bear's head.

Boaters in Wisconsin save a swimming bear with a plastic tub stuck on his head. from r/HumansBeingBros

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