In the fight against human sex trafficking, every organization, group and individual are crucially needed.

Add another to the home front.

The Worthy Ranch

This is a Survivor-led, Trauma-focused 501c3 recovery program for those who had escaped human trafficking and abuse and is still in need of healing.  While the woman may be no longer enslaved and misused, and may look as normal as anybody else, she still carries the pain and anxiety from her ordeal.  The Worthy Ranch incorporates the "Worthiness Formula" to reconnect the spirit to her self worth.  This mission utilizes equine therapy, life coaching and career development to restore the life after all the suffering.

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Since its inception, the Worthy Ranch has conducted a virtual session for Survivors and last year conducted a Women's Retreat in Montana.  This new agency now as a board of directors and connections to the Yellowstone Human Trafficking Task Force and other non-profit organizations.

The WR is developing curriculums to share with schools and other agencies on the Worthiness Formula recovery.  They are looking forward to a second retreat for women this Fall.

Next month, April, a pilot program will connect Survivors with collaborative agencies and caring residents, to share experiences and build a stronger support network.

So is there an actual Ranch?

Actually, no.  And they are looking for one.  One goal for the Worthy Ranch in 2024 is a tangible farm or ranch property to raise horses and livestock and lives.  This will be a permanent sanctuary for Survivors to stay for a while and heal.  If you know of any land opportunity in the Billings area, please please let them know.


Glad to hear it.  Check out their website at  The leader of this organization, Heather, will happily introduce you to the mission and answer any questions you have.

Now for my crucial question.  Will you be another in the firm stand against human trafficking?

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