A California school district has recently started making parents pay a "donation" to the school if their kids take a day off of school for any reason, including sick days and vacation time. I think it seems outrageous that a school would penalize parents if their child was sick, or went on a family vacation. However, a survey done by FamilyDestinationsGuide.com reveals that Montanans may be willing to pay more than you think for their children.

What does it cost per day for a kid to go to school?

According to the Manhattan Beach School District in California, they charge parents $47 per day that their child misses school. This seems quite ridiculous to me. In an email from Cherry Digital, 95% of parents would agree with me and not want to pay anything at all for taking their kid out of school.

However, what about inflation? It's extremely expensive to take a vacation nowadays. But, it is cheaper to do so outside of the summer when there are fewer people trying to do so. Knowing that, would it change parents' minds to pay a little extra to go on vacation during the school year rather than pay more during the summer?

Parents would pay over a thousand dollars on student time off.

Family Destinations Guide surveyed over 3,000 parents across the country to find out what they would pay given the circumstances above. According to that survey and the interactive map on their website, Montana parents would pay an average of $584.67 to take their child on vacation during the school year.

That ranks low on the spectrum, however, as states such as Massachusetts, Washington, North, and South Dakota would pay as much as $1,338 to their school district just to take their child on vacation. If you ask me, that just seems outlandish. However, it's all theoretical. Except for the Manhattan Beach School District in California, of course.

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