While I'm loving that Yellowstone National Park is taking steps to make sure that visitors are safe and have a great trip in the park.... doesn't this seem like a pretty ridiculous thing to have to implement??

Have humans gotten so stupid that we need to be reminded to not take bison or wander off a clearly marked path with about 1,284 signs saying "DO NOT LEAVE THE PATH?" And all just to get the perfect selfie or Insta Story? Again, while I love the intention.. at some point don't we have to leave it up to natural selection? I'm just sayin....

KBUL Newsroom - Yellowstone National Park officials are attempting to make sure that none of the more than 4 million visitors to the park this year wind up as the latest chapter in a book by asking visitors to adopt their “Safe Selfie” policy.

The book is Lee H. Whittlesey’s Death in Yellowstone: Accidents and Foolhardiness in the First National Park.

The selfie policy is one in a series of steps that could cut down on incidents like last year, when baby bison were kidnapped, elk rammed photographers, and visitors from the North behaved foolishly on the Prismatic Springs.  The 'safe selfie pledge' just may be the first step in reining in the wrong. The policy is an information campaign with a simple verbal pledge asking visitors to not get too crazy in proximity of the parks’ wildlife and natural features.

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