Kris and I will be taking part in the Ramsey Keller Chili Cook Off coming up on the 28th of this month! We are very proud to be apart of this event. In just 2017 Ramsey Keller has raised over $109,000! I am so proud of our town/state on helping these families who are in a time of need. We have been there for many of the fundraising events and it is so wonderful to see how many people support Ramsey Keller. More details can found on their Facebook of how you can join the chili cook off! The-Ramsey-Keller-Memorial-207123792718925/b

So Kris and I are very competitive.... his chili is amazing! We are in it to win it so if you have an amazing chili recipe please share! My favorite is from Go Figure. Not going to lie it is amazing! (I mean besides his)

Cauliflower - Chopped...
Green and Yellow Peppers - Chopped
Onion - Chopped
2 Tblsp Garlic - Chopped
3 Small Zucchinis - Cubed
1-2 lbs of Hamburger
2 Large Fresh Tomatoes - Chopped
2 Small Cans of tomato Sauce
Chili Powder, Cumin and Salt and Pepper to your taste.
and Water to Cover Ingredients


1.In your seasoned skillet or 5-6 quart large cast iron pot, brown beef and garlic. Cook over medium heat until beef is thoroughly cooked and browned. Drain off excess fat, set aside.
2.Add oil, onions, cauliflower, green and yellow peppers and seasonings to the skillet and cook over medium high heat for about 5-7 minutes. Once onions are golden add zucchinis and cook for 2 minutes making sure you stir everything well.
3.Add cooked beef back into the pot, tomatoes, tomato sauce, and stir well. Bring everything to a boil, stirring frequently, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes.
4.Check on the amazing mixture every so often and stir. Serve immediately and enjoy.

One of the reasons I love this recipe is because I get my chili fix without any grains. That right, full flavor and no grains. It tastes amazing and follows the rules of the program. - Go Figure

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