It's been a while since we played around on Google Earth.

When I do, I usually go "exploring" in exotic places with ocean coastlines, volcanos, or historic landmarks. It's oddly satisfying to zoom through the streets of Mexico City, deserted Caribbean islands, or ancient lands. When I set out to take a virtual trip today, my destination was much closer to home. I was scouring Montana for cool images from above.


Perhaps you've seen those Facebook groups that share and discuss Google Earth images. They're usually filled with crazy conspiracy folks who like to post screenshots of funny-looking snowdrifts from the North Pole and claim to have found proof of secret alien bases. Yeah, it gets a little bonkers.

I couldn't find any alien bases or unusual, oversized hieroglyphics during my search over Montana. Not saying they aren't out there... but Montana is big, and I don't have enough time this week to scour every inch of our state from a laptop. I did, however, find some pretty cool images. Let's take a look.

16 Interesting Shots of Montana as Seen from Google Earth

They always say the view is better from above. Here are some interesting pics from Montana, as seen from space.

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